Key Technologies
in the Bioeconomy
A Global Bioeconomy Alliance Conference
September 27th to September 29th, 2022
Straubing, Germany

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New concepts for valorizing biogenic waste streams

C1 compounds as substrates for industrial biotechnology

Integrating hydrogen into biotechnology

Biotech with hybrid technologies

Bio-based materials with tailored functions

Regional and global effects of the bioeconomy

Keynote Speakers

Michael Köpke
Lanza Tech, USA

Peta Ashworth
University of Queensland, Australia

Volker Wendisch
University of Bielefeld, Germany

Kylie Vincent
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Thomas Haas
Evonik, Germany


Scientific sessions on key technologies (oral and poster)
See our timeline for session and talk topics
Open and internal discussion tables with high ranked national and international governmental representatives and bioeconomy experts
Presentation of Bioeconomy regions and large scale Bioeconomy consortia

Important bioeconomy stakeholders such as national and regional bioeconomy councils, bioeconomy innovation spaces and large scale project consortia (e.g. EU, BMBF etc.) will present themselves within a dedicated exhibition area and with selected talks.

If you’re interested in presenting please contact us by sending an email to Presentation booths are free of charge*.

Presentation of Funding Agencies and Research funding opportunities in the area of bioeconomy

Funding agencies, cooperation networks and innovation clusters will present themselves, funding opportunities, their work with running projects and their networks.

If you’re interested in presenting please contact us by sending an email to Presentation booths are free of charge*.

Bilateral and multilateral B2B and ‘academia to business’ meetings
Presentation of start-ups and technology providers

For advancing bioeconomy technologies have to leave academic labs and enter industry. A frame will be set for startups and research groups with innovative technologies to present their ideas and advancements. Funders and large companies can interact and learn about new opportunities.

If you’re interested in presenting or specific discussions please contact us by sending an email to Presentation booths are free of charge*.

* Booth space is limited. Offer as long as space is available.

Timeline (tentative)

09:00 – 10:00
10:00 – 10:15
Introductory Comments and Welcome

Session I: Bioeconomy & Circular Economy – Strategies for Waste Utilization
10:15 – 10:50
John Woodley (DTU, Denmark)
10:50 – 11:10
Selected talk
11:10 – 11:45
Ludo Diels (Vito, Belgium):
Biotechnology in this decade of action
11:45 – 12:20
Selected talk
12:20 – 12:40
Christian Librera (Clariant, Sunliquid, Germany; Sachverständigenrat Bioökonomie Bayern):
Sunliquid technology: Solution for sustainable transportation and beyond
12:40 – 12:50
Short presentations of posters

12:50 – 14:20
Networking lunch and Poster Session I

Session II: Bioeconomy meets Hydrogen Economy
14:20 – 14:55
Michael Köpke (Lanza Tech, USA):
The carbon revolution: scaling circularity to replace fossil oil
14:55 – 15:15
Selected talk
15:15 – 15:35
Esteban Marcelin (UQ, Australia):
Systems and synthetic biology for carbon recycling
15:35 – 16:10
Selected talk
16:10 – 16:30
Networking coffee break
16:30 – 17:05
Thomas Haas (Evonik, Germany):
Artificial photosynthesis – the Rheticus project
16:50 – 17:25
Selected talk
17:25 – 17:45
Volker Wendisch (University Bielefeld, Germany):
Cell factories for methanol- or methylamine-based production of amines
17:45 – 18:05
Short presentations of posters

18:05 – 19:45
Get together (at conference site): Catering and Poster session II

19:30 – open
Opportunity to attend a combined public talk by Heribert Prantl (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Sebastian Goerg (TUMCS) as part of the festival Utopia – der neue Mensch" held by the Stadt Straubing (on site)

Session III: Regional and Global Effects of the Bioeconomy
08:30 – 09:00
09:00 – 10:00
Podium discussion
Miranda Schreurs (TUM, Germany)
Peta Ashworth (UQ, Australia)
Ulrike Grote (University Hannover, Germany)
Anja Faße (TUMCS, Germany)
Magnus Fröhling (TUMCS, Germany)
10:00 – 10:30
Hubert Aiwanger (Bavarian Minister of Economic affairs)
Ann-Kathrin Wagner (BioCampus Straubing GmbH, Germany)
10:50 – 11:15
Sandra Venghaus (BioSC Jülich/RWTH Aachen, Germany):
Regional Transformation as the Key to a Sustainable Bioeconomy: the Rheinische Revier as a Model Case
11:15 – 11:40
Alcides Lopes Leao (UNESP, Brasil):
Perspectives for the Circular Bioeconomy in the Innovation Context
11:40 – 12:05
Dan Duah (KNUST, Ghana):
The role of Bioeconomy in promoting Bioenergy for combating climate change in the built environment: challenges and opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa
12:05 – 12:30
Frank Schultmann (KIT, Germany):
From lab to market - examples of bioeconomy concept evaluation

12:30 – 14:00
Networking lunch and Poster Session III

Session IV: Hybrid Technologies for the Bioeconomy
14:00 – 14:40
Selected talk
14:40 – 15:00
Kylie Vincent (Oxford, UK):
Hydrogen as a reductant for cleaner biocatalysis in chemical synthesis
15:00 – 15:20
Selected talk
15:20 – 16:00
Lars Lauterbach (RWTH Aachen, Germany):
Engineering methane-converting platform organisms for a future bioeconomy
16:00 – 16:30
Networking coffee break
16:30 – 16:50
Selected talk
16:50 – 17:20
Invited talk
17:20 – 17:40
Selected talk
17:40 – 18:00
Short presentations of posters

18:00 – open
Conference Dinner on the Danube river (ship)

Session V: When Bio is Better – New Products and Solutions for and from the Bioeconomy
08:30 – 09:05
09:05 – 09:25
09:25 – 10:00
10:00 – 10:20
Markus Seidl (BMW, Germany):
Circular Economy at BMW
10:20 – 10:40
Networking coffee break
10:40 – 11:15
Andreas Kohl (Verbio, Germany):
VerBioChem – employing metathesis to produce biobased building blocks for the chemical industry from renewable sources
11:15 – 11:35
Leticia Zanphorlin (CNPEM, Brazil):
Alkene Biosynthesis from Olefins
11:35 – 12:10
12:10 – 12:20
Short presentations of posters

12:20 – 12:45
Concluding remarks
Volker Sieber (TUMCS, Germany)
Gary Schenk (UQ, Australia)
Eleni Gomes (UNESP, Brazil)
12:45 – 14:00
Networking lunch and Poster Session IV



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